Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well, Hello!

So my name is Henry, and I do all sorts of artsy things in my spare time. Here are some examples of my music, canvases, computer arts, and animation.

Guitar and Flute (dubbed "Tribal War Flute" by a friend's parent, with good reason.)
The flute playing here is more atmospheric than melodic. This is appropriate seeing as I'm not in any school band - there's just a flute lying around the house that I like to footle-foo with from time to time. The photograph is called Frugal Construction (3/2/10), and it's also the background of this page. It's taken with a Diana Mini.

Spare My Sight
2' x 4'
Permanent Marker on Canvas
I'm not sure where the idea for these came from. I think it was mostly because sharpies, etc, dry really fast and are opaque, which is convenient.

Sol, I Still Dream of Dried Lakes
3' x 2'ish
Permanent Marker on Canvas
So the key thing with these, I discovered, was leaving thin white lines between objects. It's very non-intuitive, but can look really exciting. I think the best example is the top left of the first image.

P.wt #2
4' x 2'
Permanent Marker on Canvas
I think I finished this one at like 3 AM on the last day of a summer Pre-College. Everyone stayed up and told stories / listened to Daft Punk.

3D Model built in Blender
I had a brief phase of abstract cheese-colored art. I think this one was actually a preview/test render, but it came out nicer than the final piece.

Digital Painting built in Photoshop
This one has lots of inspired bits in it? The teeth are reminiscent of some drawings by cactus, an indie videogame maker, and then the color and shading remind me of the default blob you get in Z-brush. You know, just fun facts I suppose.

Player and Enemy Ships for 'Advolberity'
Pixel Art/Animation in Photoshop for a Videogame.
Late 2009 or Early 2010
The larger ones are stronger, naturally. I think my favorite is either the 4-pronged one above the player ship or the small pointy one next to the wheel. They have the most legible shape, see.

Building Block Sprite for Human Male in 'Airtiger'
Pixel Art/Animation in Photoshop for a Videogame
Still in progress!There are so many motions to add.
He's getting an item out of his pocket, running to the left, putting away, and then running back.

Born Beside Butter
3D Model built in Blender
Um. I think I wanted to try out the video functionality on Blender, and then matched it to a quaint, homemade soundtrack. In other news, my repertoire has now spread to both butter and cheese, it seems.

3D Model built in Blender
This was a birthday gift for my friend! It's a spaceship, see. I think the best bit is the central hull's funky hexagonal shape.

Fractal Art in Apophysis
I'm not a big fractal art guy, as most of the programs for that are hesitant to let you attack the math part of the process. Instead it's just goofing about with triangles, which doesn't appeal to me much.

That's all. Thanks for reading!